Some people say,’ The so-called high EQ means being able to speak. The so-called ability to speak is the ability to think in perspective. ‘ but, my emotional quotient is not high, that I can speak? Although I can think in perspective, can I really speak? He who is quick to think is slow to speak. If so, so will Yu. Life is like the morning dew, I would like to put myself in its place and examine its heart. Under the camphor tree, three gentle gentlemen talked. I crept forward and the gentlemen’s conversation ended abruptly.. After listening to my request, Mr posted beside me filled out the shared economy questionnaire and asked me, ” what is your major, please?”? Knowing that I specialize in English, Mr. Wang lamented: ” Now students, instead of studying Chinese, depend on foreign culture.”. You said, how should Chinese literature develop? I quickly replied, ” In fact, I regret choosing an English major. What I really love is Chinese.”! Alas, it’s just that the article I wrote is not good enough! Mr. Wang smiled and said, ” Ha, this girl can really speak.”! ‘ In front of the shop, the young proprietor took the questionnaire and quipped, ” Do I have any benefit in helping you with this job?”? ‘ I smirked, 1”’ Fill in this, your hook will be more and more beautiful! ‘ to amuse the owner heart. The bricklayer built the bridge and was able to live by himself and others. People say, ” speaking is an art”. Actually, I would like to say, ” speaking is an art of exchanging heart for heart.”! In my heart, for your heart, I only wish you peace of mind. ”