In the town of Juyuan Moon Bay side of the pier are two routes Galaxy elm tree roots wrapped around this two roots, branches around the branches, dependent Aioi, lingering like a pair of lovers, two trees locally known as acacia.Also circulating in the local acacia a poignant story of seven gold Tianfu One day in May, Kim capital to Beijing (Harbin Acheng) southeast sudden thunder rolling over, there was a few tens of meters of Huanglong.Everyone ran out to Beijing area to watch the race, had not yet recovered, he saw red clouds rolling in from the northwest direction, the cloud came a loud sounding Phoenix.Huanglong and the intersection of Red Cloud in the air, it would the West away, lasted half an hour in the air before disappearing without a trace.Everyone was shocked.Supervise the country are begging to buy, he sent the horse Taizong Wu reported the matter with his brother, the expedition Liao Wan Yan Jin Taizu Aguda.Aguda working with the ministers of procedure, listen to this scenario, the ministers will be restless, talking.They invariably turned their sights Aguda, that is, the emperor is also a big shaman Aguda (can communicate with God) thought for a moment, then he laughed and said to the ministers: might do, which was good fortune, the Empress has come to earth, the ministers have finished cheer: I wish I was big Jinguo Zuo Yong Chuan.  This year, the fifth son of King Taejo Zong Wan Yan Fu’s wife gave birth to a baby boy chest gave birth to seven mole shape of the Big Dipper, they named Wu Lu (Wan Yan Yong later the King Sejong).A month later Jurchen Wulin Emirates A section of black stone soil to be produced wife suddenly put the body scent and soon gave birth to a daughter, take Ming Wulin A..For these children, we all have amazed, saying the two children in the future will not be made more expensive.Zong Wan Yan Fu met with black stone soil, they told us certain black stone soil are marriage.  The day will be five years (1127) A Great Gray-year-old and five years old on Wan Yan Yong was engaged.Since Jurchen is a national fishing and hunting, then Songhua Jiang Juyuan segment is Jin Gong fish place, but also spring water (spring with the emperor called Costin eagle captured swan event), Nabo (Emperor fishing) in the Holy Land.Jurchen here regularly engaged in activities Nabo.At the time the Songhua River full of lotus, A small Wulin Wan Yan Yong and often play into the Songhua River side.One day, they do the old kite Diao chicken game on a lotus pool time, Wan Yan Yong accidentally broken knee cards, small Wulin A crying while tore the clothes from a cloth bandage to Wan Yan Yong wounds, facing the Wulin Wan Yan Yong replied: I will protect your life, do not let others bully you, we are here to build a house, stay together for life.A small tears in her eyes smiled and nodded Wulin.  Time flies, a flash children, Wan Yan Yonghe Wulin A have been 18 years old, Wan Yan Yong looks Kiwi physical appearance, Meiran over belly, is a real good-looking man, he Rensiao character, quiet, sophistication, and good at riding and shooting.Every hunting, many elderly people have been with to see, appreciate his riding and shooting techniques, people pushing for the first.Wulin A dignified also blossoming into a beautiful girl, she was intelligent Koji, Yung instrument purge, when parents’ home, her family, who are respected.This year they got married, the whole nation by storm.Soon, their son finished Yanyun Gong was born, but also to add new luster to life.Wan Yan Yong generous man, often with the uncles four expeditions, soldiers loved him very respected.Between Jinxi Zong Wan Yan Yong Imperial system of royal clan children to grant Guanglu doctor, seal Ge Wang, Wan Yan Yong wit and because courageous Li repeated military exploits, dubbed Bingbushangshu.A long Wulin also with the left and right, she notices over ceremony, literary talent superior, paternity husband godson, very virtuous.This loving couple should have been so dearly love to live, and hate born in the imperial family.  By the late Jinxi Zong, Xizong suspicious of, often wantonly wine mad, missed by the wanton murder of.Mourning Queen’s Ping Pei full opportunity to exercise of power, many courtiers were killed for no reason demotes.  This makes Wan Yan Yong Guan Ju Bingbushangshu thin ice.In this regard, Wan Yan Yong Wulin A suggestion was the year when the attack Song Wan Yan father were assisted with a rare treasure jade dedicated Xizong.Because Wan Yan Yong Wan Yan’s father were assisted in the age of 13 died, the monk is the mother bringing up his pains.White belt is his father left the family heirloom, Wan Yan Yong saw the white band as if to see his father.Wan Yan Yong always hesitant.A advised Wulin Wan Yan Yong said: Except a man be in, someone Bao Chuan?Wan Yan Yong thought for a moment, bite the bullet and made up my mind to offer jade out, Xizong, after Mourning overjoyed that Wan Yan Yong very reliable.This will not only make Wan Yan Yong keep the post of Minister of war and mass killings in Xizong royalty and nobles founding fathers, nor on suspicion Wan Yan Yong, this is more Wan Yan Yong Ai Wulin answered, they spend the first disaster.