Favorite moment you Dimei smile sweet words dripping into the lake light pine reflected into the girl looks like me dressed in white dancing alone on any Yimei Castle in the depths of the bamboo forest spread poem engraved in the memory of the years I had to leave a bookmark in the afternoon lavender flowers dancing in the wind I can not go back to fear a sudden burst of tears soaked the heart have come back accompanied by a full moon Star lazy silence of the valley lily in the spring I can not sing stay Chenzheyese kiss you, makes you shy unlimited only once that you will look back into my universe is not more like sadness and sorrow just under the brow and the heart of this southern feelings Wei Wei can carry only a thorough understanding of bamboo that meet only once you occupy all my handy to write a poem you waiting at the other end of the text you want to hide my eyes but their hearts are in turmoil direction and a total fall to see the leaves dry season is a bit sad tinge of sadness even if you with a leaving pulling out of next fleeting Qunjiao on the other side I see a flying provoke Acacia