– Scratch # 19 recent years, “blood-sucking bugs,” the video appears on an EMU D313, online rumors.Video those bloody little monsters crawling around on the futon, looking at all cause scalp hair tight.  Before that, I have seen the bug “came back” in the media.August 7, Beijing Center for Disease Control issued a warning to remind the public wary of bed bugs, “resurgence”.Zeng Peng, deputy director of the center, said the past year, Beijing has been bitten by the bug fifty or sixty people, compared with the previous two years of sporadic bite, is already a dense year.  Zeng Peng said that, in fact, from 2000 onwards, worldwide bugs on the show a gradual recovery of state.According to him it speculated that Beijing is likely that these bugs from abroad “illegal” come.Another expert pointed out that due to the large population of migrant workers in rural areas, rural areas bug may therefore be brought into the city.  I think, with the report “came back”, “revived” to describe when reproducing bugs, very appropriate, because it was rampant in the fifties and sixties, to the point where almost every family has.People hated it, all Yu Zhi resurrection fast.Under siege all the people, bugs eventually to a dead end, after the seventies and eighties difficult to see.I did not expect it to disappear after two or three decades, and coming into view, this is indeed worthy of our high degree of vigilance, because it really is an outrage.  I’ve seen this little monster, is then moved into a small alley No. 4 Westinghouse Xiangfu homes in May 1954.After I moved into this house I feel a little weird, who often inexplicably itch, also from the red knots.One night the lights come down to earth to relieve themselves, even found some small red worms crawling on the mat quickly, I’m afraid, and quickly woke his mother.  Mother said it was a bug, special vampire bite.She seems to have seen this insect, but I did not suffer the bedbugs bite impression in Raoyang home, I do not know from where she saw the.  Mother flip pillow, quilt set off, help me catch bugs.After being awakened by his father, also followed catch.After they put the bug was found dead twist, twist dead bugs also issued an fishy smell.I can not begin to start, parents can see the bugs are not afraid to die in the hands of twist, twist died in the wall, but also have the courage to follow along with catch.  I deliberately carefully observed a moment of this little monster, Elliptic flat, like miniature turtle, six legs, some small, some larger than a grain of rice bigger, smaller than a small grain of rice is still small, they saw the lights will fast escape.  Some intense fighting, we eliminated a dozen bugs.  Knowing this nasty little monsters exist then, I have to search every night to relieve themselves fighting about it, so the quilt, the mattress, the wall will have a speckled with blood.  Although the family are unremittingly, and they can not extinct, but the more catch, the more vivacious insects flourishing population of sight.Then turn on the lights at night will find that they are three generations of young and old together into battle, and is played in turns batch.Even more angry is that they are not afraid of sacrifice, one after another.The first bite Daide not see a waking often during the second time than the first bite woke appear even more.In short, even to the dawn, there are still remnants engaged in attack.  Fight night is undoubtedly our end in failure.I would think the tactical day siege of their lair.I found that they generally are drilled out from a crack in the wall, you find a large needle Na Xiedi mother, stabbed through all the crack in the wall, the inside of the size of the monster hiding in all mashed.  Night test results are not ideal, it did not feel a significant reduction bugs.I guess it might be deep crack in the wall is their home turf, but I destroy the sentry on duty.Bianxiang father reported the case, the father said he’ll find a way by him.He wanted to work when I do not know where the lime paste from the site, use it to fill in all the gaps blocking wall.But this time we failed to fight again, at night they still attack as before.  These monsters come from there it?Mother found a new case when beds, they are hidden in the headboard of the straw mat.Mother will be in the hot sun poisoning when the straw drying in the sun, and repeatedly shake off, blew the whistle immediately destroy.  After drying, bugs or still harassing us.Under his father in a rage, he bought back “66 powder” – a specialized insecticide.It is said that because the test 666 times before they succeed, called the BHC.Later misinformation that is, in fact, because each molecule contains six named carbon, hydrogen, chlorine atom.Mother afraid powder crevices missing from straw, put the paper on the straw, then pour the powder on paper.  At night, bedbugs really did not dare come out.I still can not sleep sleep, 66 powder taste of hard to hear, and to stimulate people to sleep.Only with great difficulty to adapt to the taste, it is supposed to sleep well, who knows bugs have adapted, and drilled out.  I once caught the bug in 66 powder in order to enjoy watching it struggle, death of pleasure.I did not expect, sign it in 66 powder in no struggling, still able to sprint as usual.I looked at it escaped it caught back that is repeated many times, it is still spirited, I know we have failed.  Not to hide the bug, the father threw away the straw, her mother re-do a thicker mattress kang.At the same time, on Sundays the plank, wooden, stool all moved outdoors, with a gap open irrigated after exposure to the sun.  I am finally out of the mouth of foul smells, watched them suck my blood every day all the little monsters who died.After so thoroughly to kill, we should sit back and relax, right?no!At night there are still small unit attacked us.  After careful reconnaissance, and they found new positions bedbugs – ceiling.Night lights can be seen from bugs gap between the ceiling and the wall to climb out climb into.Father ripped the roof, found a bug hidden in the roof of reed foil inside, all these little monsters are pervasive.How to completely destroy them?Father decided to change the medication smoked.  Sunday, we were getting to eat the yard, in the house lit father to buy drugs, then shutting doors and windows.A total of smoked more than three hours before open the doors to taste.  That evening, did not find a bug, we finally won.  However, I soon discovered, we only won a few days, because the bugs appeared, but more and more.The problem is in there?Father finally found the crux of the problem – our house and the south of the house is a top sub, they are interlinked reed foil.In addition, the Western Wall is part of the roof, there are many gaps, they may struggle to communicate with children at home.When our family smoked, my family ran to a neighbor bug could, even if they did not run, and all die, so I cleared Smell home, a neighbor stopping by the bug will climb over.  Just then, his father bought a very strong hardwood table.The table height getting bigger, my father thought can double as a small bed, to let me sleep on the table.I tried it wide enough long enough.Father reconciled, and brought down to a square stool and table together, and a piece of wood shelves in the stool, hard for me to make up a “combination bed”.  Was off the bed should have been upset, but I was very happy because little monsters could not bite me.  But I’m happy not long, it was found again suffered bites, bed bugs had also been on the table.I’m confused, how they come about?Is it coming from the ground?I have never been found bugs crawling in it.  One night, the lights on the mother making something, I could not sleep lying on the table, turn his face to look at the roof, I felt something fall from the roof, fell on me.I got up and saw, are not shocked, but it was just a bug.Little Monsters also airborne, no wonder I slept at the dinner table still suffer bite it!  All methods are used, little monsters are still rampant, it seems that we are a complete failure.At that time one to suffer a hutong house, so everyone has a bug, though every family in treatment, can rarely successful.  The city’s unified action Governance bug, probably in mid-1960 after it was labeled as the “four evils”.1958 Annual nationwide “four pests WASH” movement, on the list of “four evils” and without it, it is then up bench.1958 mid-spring, carry out the “four pests WASH” four evils when the movement is mice, sparrows, flies and mosquitoes.  About 1960 every year in the spring, sparrow accidentally vindicated by the enemy into contradiction contradictions among the people, no longer listed as a four victims.Reportedly because it was reflected to the Central, played no crops yield after sparrows and pests of trees has increased.  Sparrow vindicated, and then engage in “four pests” campaign on some correct words ring true, then Bug seated on the bench.  This is just great, bedbugs have become a “movement” objects, can kill a top-down.According to the General Administration of unified our street on the city, has organized the whole alley of people with the people of the city, with the same moment when smoked kill bugs.Such effects do much better, bugs into a “sea ocean” people’s war.The seventies, bugs completely lost, basically out of people’s vision, the city has rarely able to see bugs.So the bug has been out of the reach “four evils”, the bench is seated cockroaches.  I have not seen cockroaches child, that mother calls the “headlight lump” is the cockroach, and then I is not that the “lump headlights” Ji is the male turtle.  The first time I saw a cockroach in 2002 to Hong Kong when his wife was found in the bathroom of the hotel.She yelling, I hurried over to see the original washstand there is a bug, not very tall, covered with Huang Liang wings on slick body, I guessed it was a cockroach, it will be immediately torn piece of toilet paper wrap, thrown in the toilet washed away.After travel back looked at the statistics, we feel it is the German cockroach.  Later, I also saw a cockroach in the north.I heard north of downtown city also cockroaches, how these guys are like warm cold northern settled down it?I feel that it must be related to the popularity Heating.I’m not a kid house fire, thieves cold, it is estimated that they can not stay.Well now, buildings are generally heated all year round not cold, they will Jiali industry, to put forward the children and grandchildren.  Today bug “came back”, while the cockroaches being occupying its position in the “four evils” in the, I do not know whether it should “restore its reputation,” determined to recapture?  Not eliminate cockroaches, and bedbugs back, I am confident, “four pests” greatly reduced.Mankind has wiped out batch after batch elude human creatures, and these go hand in hand to recover the body of the bad guys can not do anything.  Of course, from the “four evils” point of view, they may feel that they have rights to subsistence and development, human rights they are not extinct.They might say, we are also biological chain in a ring, we are missing these rotten eggs, and you do not trough cake.  According to experts, is that human extinction occurred in extreme cases, rats and cockroaches are likely to survive.It seems we can only go on forever struggle with them.Think of the phrase “and what fun fight,” my heart will ease.