Chunxiao Hey laughed: “slaves but also on a so that only one person Bowen believed it, and now the streets spread rumors, and Bowen are all pillars of our family can be no half-points is not good uncle, wife slaves to spare this time it crossed.”
The key is, do it another way are they have no way to get hooked ah Bowen.
“Worth mentioning, this will let you, just this once.”Jiang Chu serious and said.
He was saying, I would see Ji Yao pushed open the door: “What precedent?”
Chunxiao only felt a cold back, quickly Suzhuobozi stand to one side, let uncle know this case, she can not be miserable?!
“You go on.”Jiang Chu Road.
Chunxiao such as amnesty, quickly blessed Fook: “Slaves This step down.”
So saying, he sloped off running very fast.
Yao Ji Chu Kang looked suspiciously: “I say?”
Jiang Chu deflated a little face, but also fierce than Yao Ji: “You say I