But now is not the same, home to two of them, came home every day, the door shuts, that is, two of them in the world, Shen Xiao hair!Love the place, is not confined to the bedroom, living room, study, gym, and even the kitchen, people have been reduced to toss his battlefield.
  Anyway, as long as he wants to, there is always a way to eat Shen Yu hand.
  Shen Yu also dying at the outset, may after a few more times, she had to get used to, let 苏州龙凤网him mess every time, interest will be a very fit, every time the lift up to almost flow Shen Xiao nosebleed.
  In fact, she is currently enjoying quite such a relaxed feeling of sweet love, no other trouble, only two intimate interaction every day.
  This should be considered since they went out together, fl都市兔兔ies the most stable period daily, and her heart felt happy, will spoil him, let him mess
  Shen Xiao suddenly fell in love with two days to play gym, holding her one by one test on a variety of instruments, the Shen Yu have to test the psychological shadow, then the killing is not willing to go to the gym.
  But even if she did not want to get up early, Shen Xiao will not let her sleep late peacefully, go to the gym every time he finished, after the bath, would harass her into bed, then wait done, both of them are covered with large Khan, then take a bath together again.
  ”You have to wash twice a day in the morning, do not bother you?So wash it, is not to peeling?!”
  Shen Yu, wearing a bathrobe to come out from the bathroom, Shen Xiao behind her, had only a bath towel around, listening to her words, he said: “Then I go to bed directly a佛山桑拿fter movement finished, and then go wash finish.”
  ”No, I was sweaty and you do not!”Shen Yu dislike to say,” I mean, this morning bed movement, we can not do!”
  Shen Xiao shook his head and said: “So all day long, do not eat first sweetness, ne