”Next to the county, my brother brother to buy the food!”Nguyen rain did not hesitate to boast under the sea.
  Ruan Zhiwen cut a cry, “you have to have money!”
  Nguyen rain dig dig their own pockets, which contained two dollars of it, she curved facial features, “I have money too!”
  ”Ticket.?”Ruanzhi Wen asked..
  what!Also tickets ah!
  Nguyen rain almost to the characteristics of this era to forget.
  She flew Baba listless, dejected, “No!”These two dollars or to her parents, and she was afraid to go in case of lost, rain, looking forward to meet people, can be seen on the part of two dollars, sent back in the rain.
  Yes!Nguyen rain noon touch pocke杭州桑拿洗浴t, only to find himself inside jacket pocket, stuffed with a piece of paper and two dollars, written on a piece of paper her name and address, and two dollars and a note tied to a.
  That’s when the elders of the heart, their own children stupid for so many years, who do not know what would be a good time, but a fool is the most people worry about, and people are running an inattentive gone, Ruan Guohua this thought a sure way to Nguyen rain regardless of what to wear, there have always been pockets of two dollars and a note, three years, I have never given a statement.
  The reason why there is this another way, because the early years, that period of time Nguyen rain just silly, wandered off, and later Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and the two of them discuss this another way out.
  just in case.
  Barbara is a poor parental love.
  Ruan Zhiwen own sister looked dejected look, immediately comforted, “and not be anxious!Dad pocket which certainly have the votes, you go at night dad’s pocket touch it, mysteriously to take a prisoner out!”
  Nguyen rain eyes open big, the meaning of words, “This is a steal!”
  ”Was not, what we are three-bedroom self-sufficiency 都市体验网of children!”Anyway, they do not spend, his father would