Why would swelling and itching chilblains?A lot of people to the President of winter frostbite, itchy and swollen, then you will know why frostbite swelling and itching do?Following small to tell you exactly why frostbite it will be red itchy。
Why would frostbite itching redness frostbite lesion visibility congestive local edema, erythema purple raised, glossy surface of the fastener swelling, local skin temperature decreases, the ambient temperature warmed by partial significant burning sensation or itching, and once frostbite ulceration, ulceration after there is pain。 Frostbite is one common winter temperatures prone wet environments deg.] C in less than 10。
Frostbite occur in the fingers, hand, toe, heel, ear, cheek, etc., can be unilateral or bilateral occurrence。
Early damage is localized erythema or dark purplish mass, touch the cold, itching, itching intensified when heated。
Severe blisters, containing yellow or white slurry form erosion or ulceration rupture, perceived pain。 Frostbite mainly by the winter cold, wet shoes and socks too tight or affect the local blood circulation caused。
Cold skin vasoconstriction, ischemia, metabolic disorders, vascular paralysis long time dilation, congestion, plasma leakage caused by local edema, vesicle formation, and even tissue necrosis。
In addition, poor blood circulation extremities, hand, foot sweating, lack of exercise, malnutrition, anemia, autonomic dysfunction also contributed to the cause of frostbite。 Certain chronic diseases such as anemia, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and the like, can also cause frostbite。
Why would swelling and itching chilblains 1, as well as External: (1) pomelo peel 150 grams of orange peel 100G, ginger 20G, Jianshui, Fumigation soaking the affected area once a day。
(2) 10 chili, chopped add water, boiling, Washing the affected area, 1 day?2 times。 2, Waicha side (1), with the compound liquor camphor (camphor 10g, 50 grams pepper, chili 3G, 95% or less alcohol, 100ml, 30 ml glycerin composition) Waicha, day 5?7 times, broken skin should not be used。 (2), the number of blocks ginger, into a fire burning into carbon black, grind fine, bottling。 Ulceration by frostbite, washed first with dry hydrogen peroxide, carbon sprinkle ginger wound, uniform thickness, and then covered with Vaseline gauze and tape securely, 2 days for once。
Early frostbite redness or about to ulceration, the end of white wine with charcoal, into a paste, spreads in the affected area, and then long piece of cloth bandage, two days for a second。