The second is to further promote branch transformation, "light, intelligence, character, community-based" has become the development trend。
"Report" shows that as of the end of 2017, total number of nationwide banking financial institutions outlets reached 10000, in which more than 800 new business outlets, the transformation of years outlets million units communities outlets 7890, small and micro outlets 2550。
  Third, the development of innovative electronic channels, Internet banking, mobile banking rapid growth。 In mid-2017, China's banking sector continued to optimize online banking functions。
"Report" shows that online banking transactions throughout the year amounted billion transactions, an increase of%。
Payment become more abundant, the year of mobile banking transactions million transactions, an increase of%。
  Fourth, the "three rural" Pratt & Whitney frequent product innovation, quality and efficiency go up, effectively boosting the healthy development of the real economy。 Banking in mid-2017 around the "three down a complement to a" five task, innovative product features, "the report" shows that as of the end of 2017, the banking financial institutions agriculture-related loans reached one trillion yuan, an increase of%。 Greatly strengthened in inclusive finance and livelihood support to the financial sector, a strong impetus to the development of the real economy。   Fifth, consumer protection into all aspects of the management of the banking sector。
"Report" shows that in 2017, the number of outlets involved in consumer protection activities of about 180,000, more than 60 times the cumulative activities, distributing promotional materials more than 100 million copies, the beneficiary Yuyi people。   Sixth, focus root of the problem, explore new initiatives to enhance service。
In mid-2017, China's banking sector there are still some shortcomings, such as the need to promote consumer protection system to enhance the level of service needed to encourage innovation and cultural connotation, special attention needs to guide customer service, smart banking security need to strengthen the mission and so on。