I waited in dreamland where……    Twenty-one of that year, I like all the girls, like sinus in full bloom。However, my sinus is open in front of a bigger man than my father。I do not know how other people look at me, on their own terms it, is not willing to。    I am willing to open to him that my bright buds, however, he was just very reluctant to kiss the flowers that I candidly reveal。He just seems a flowers experts, he never used his hand to touch my flower to him stood a bright stunning Rose Tan。I love him, I hate him, it seems that there is not enough reason。I thought, why would I know him such an old man, but I did not imagine Prince Charming?Is the fate of deliberately tease me?I was not destined to be with him for a while Chennai people ruminate stories to tell?I think me and his feelings should have a break up; in short, whether I would marry a kind man in the future, one thing I can not deny that my heart had been his possession for a long, long period of time……        Meet in the wind serialized in hate bad men always like bees, like staring at each bloom of youth, passion flowing, full of beautiful girls。Want to get rid of them easier said than done ah!I have also come to be eyeing the bees get older。The bees are like a lever, left hand holding them to make every woman is fond of money; his right hand so that every woman who had to lust Korea was like roundworm as they find out about every woman their fragile nerves。    I am generally a curiosity than a woman's girl, so I'm sensitive to other people than anything。Because I like a boy, so I was never afraid of anything, just my curiosity more than their peers。    The first year of junior high school I boldly squeezed into the school bully lap, I knew it was very dangerous, but I have no scruples, but he is。In mixed circles mix of people mostly family was poor, bullied, this ability to make a living。I live in a wealthy family, I grew bold, no one dares to bully me。I do not lack substance and money, I do not know how many times better than them, but I was not convinced。Maybe I wanted to find out mixed circle of life, so I was relying on my own pretty literally squeezed into their ranks。My high school life is colorful flies, these parents are not aware of the situation; I've always been an obedient child in their hearts, they have their lives, I have my own living law; grown up between me and parents communication has become a similar relationship from the approximate, have shown interest in the mouth, how each was thinking?Only you know any。After six months living in mixed circles, I know: when the bully is no dignity。For example, hit, curse, swearing, co-ed, deliberately stir up trouble, bullying, you must be omnipotent。I finally get a look, because I'm beautiful, I'm in the mix circles soon became their boss。Graduated from junior high school to high school, I have always been a overbearing girl。    When I was admitted to Normal, when I graduated from Teachers integrate into society, I suddenly found that: the original from the all-powerful I thought, then nothing is a。My skill that point simply has nothing useful; the university community needs is not only beautiful, high-handed, more is to have genuine talent。The face of the many community college hotshots, I finally no longer aloof, not naive。    My father was a businessman, opened a complex and expensive in urban areas in the Fen River surging, and designed for the enjoyment of the rich jeweler, his father seemed to find out about all the rich mind。He is not a psychologist, but it is more than keen eye psychologist。His fiery nature, can be gone into business is like a big girl so quiet。In fact, I bored him at home, he had a home Dian DeDongShanYao sense Bian。But long gone the Fan pro I think he's special, that's what I。    What the father was thinking?He thought how to earn money from the rich do?In my mind, the more wealthy, they put more money than our lives are important, just like my mother。Their pay any money you?This is where what is it hanging machine?    Father in my mind is actually a very sunny man, his burly, masculine body, gentle face, his thick eyebrows and a woman look very trick。He is a very slick“Wounding”。Because of his great talent in business, more amusing people。Therefore, his jewelry is always crowded with people。I often secretly to observe his father's speech, he always stared at him so that all women are fascinated pair of big eyes。His talk and laugh freely, sometimes with a masculine man's domineering, sometimes beautiful women with the kind of hypocrisy inherent shyness。His every move and intentionally inducing a greedy person unintentionally to buy his jewelry。His Meiyi Zhao to tempt greedy person's heart to, in my heart that he is indeed a stunning“Wounding”。    In my mind, the more rich the more preoccupied, particularly stingy when they buy something small so angry all the poor people are not understandable。The rich are especially hypocritical, live untrue, but obviously wanted to pretend it does not matter。They eat mostly luxury prostitute gambling omnipotent。Their outlook on life is only one word:“Calculation”They no one calculation。What affection, friendship for them worthless。They look down on poor people from the bones, always rack their brains calculating others, it seems to be their common。In their bones are not human blood stream, but made the stench of venom。Rich people love publicity, publicity that even do not know what his last name。Because they have money; they often unreasonable tyranny。They always make money in the hands of the clean government becomes corrupt, the good and decent woman to become a plaything in their hands。So, they could not be understood hypocrisy。    I grew up living in the rich heap, and therefore how much Shou Lexie their adverse effects。Most of my time is good and is living with her grandmother, my grandmother always told me: people have to learn to be kind to others。So, I accepted two different dual education of humanity。After I finished high school have become two people, both my sympathy for the poor, but also value the good standard of living of the rich。When I became a mature woman from a girl, when I was out of the family to social, living among the poor, I really appreciate the poor are poor, but noble soul than the rich, fulfilling。I should say that people are more pro-poor and you, because at this time I was going through the rich people playing with fraud。At this moment I truly understand the power and the power of money, poor ah!They never had the kind of alarmed but are worried about the dark life……    In real life so I understand the rich and the poor people their different outlook on life, it is a poor word to let me know“Love and hate。”I finally understand my father, but read the mother's life of luxury。Yes, I would like to earn money from the rich, like his father, it can be called real skill……    My mother looks really beautiful, very chic。She and her father have in common is a favorite trick of the opposite sex; mother more than the father will win over the people。I commonly She put those silly when men flatter round and round, sometimes I really can not understand her……    Listening to grandma telling: the mother had the Fen edge is famous beauty, countless people chasing her。She was said to trick a lot, no matter what kind of man she dare dealings; but who would dare to play that thing with her, then who's face will leave her a resounding slap in the face。So there is a very artistic mother read to nickname: call“Wild Rose”。    I grew up living with his grandmother, father and mother is how to come together?I do not want to tell grandma。Until the finish I was in high school and grandma, grandma and my feelings already better than the affection between my parents and。Grandma good to me, all my grandmother would not tell me to do, I am very conscious of not questioning。Really, I respect my grandmother。Home For parents like the same bus station……    Staff mother very early became a bank, forties friends, but also to change three times a day, like a young girl forever cast。She's really beautiful, there is always a group of merry men around her like a shadow on the ass。what!The original fool in this world really is a lot of it!My God, she How old are you?How there are so many stupid men chasing her too?This world is really fantastic。    Mother's life has always been very extravagant, her so-called friends, in my opinion, but a bunch of undisciplined, it is not much culture of hooliganism。They all day holding her, cajole her, not because she is beautiful it?They use money, material corrosion her soul, her body。what!What a horrible group of devil ah!    I have been a mystery: her mother's life father actually turn a blind eye, a man can do to make his day a woman living together with a group of gangsters disguised like a saint, what a“great”Yeah!I am also the same woman。There are also a lot of money chasing rotten scoundrels who, cajole, I know the purpose of doing this is they want me to be their plaything。So, I decided my attitude toward life, is not a word you play?Well!That we would play。Fool will mind fighting, afraid of it?    I have been wearing those high school after her mother not to wear fashion, students are very envious of me those beautiful clothes。Because I am also very beautiful, there is also a group of smelly men Qianhuhouyong。They cajole me, let me, holding me, I know this is because they have a pretty face and plump body in attracting them。Ok!Let them follow it!In the bully circles, I also have a few good friend, they sometimes give me the thing that made it a condition to do。Money, really very good for the soul on its mother's deterioration, many times I almost was money to conquer。Maybe I grew up without missing any money exigencies, so the money did not play its due role in front of me。    Mixed circle of sisters have been too much to conquer premature aging, beauty no deposit。This is something money can not always let my heart, I look forward to a father as I like the heartbeat of the sun man。Teachers may regret that until graduation did not like his father as a man appeared my heart……    As a woman, a teenager could not get my heart of a man, it is a failure of。Teachers College graduate I should abandon four high wall, guarding a group of children, how can I not willing to do nothing so the gifted。I first against the wishes of her grandmother, she left fenshui gurgling home, who do not know who to the bustling city。I firmly walked into some funny mobile communication door, when an intern。    Mobile system is the capitalist system of exploitation, in order to feed it this door, I paid a lot of money do not say, not any compensation, the daily working time of up to ten hours, and almost all kinds of unconscionable business the weight of my Fengyun just blooming flowers withered invisible。Very tired of working long, long night, very very cold north wind, it makes me in this lone quiet complex in the city seriously think about the future of my。    Although I look like my mother's beautiful, but she is not good to coax men of ability。In the heart of the small city, my first time to experience the feeling of isolation and loneliness。The only supporting me stick to it but it is a good old man than I, he is Liu two。He is a little intellectuals, it is this little culture and Liu walked into my spiritual life。I remember first met him that day, he was wearing clothes covered with grease look repairman smirk appeared in front of me, do not you know he is introduced Hing。Because students are introduced, because of the feelings I had accepted him surface。I did not think that this is uneducated psychological emptiness fills me after。he tells me:“He loves me”I was simply shocked。My mom, do I really want the flower inserted in cow dung you?He looks really handsome with my father。So I said to him that“Love”By default it!After that we left each party call, we get along so far apart to try and pass the TV drama long time on the phone in anguish……    In last season's 2010 wind howling, and Liu seems to have a low-level and all ideas, like men, can not exist without the need for sex。He repeatedly offered to come and live with me small city, I think he's the kind of desire is simply shameless debauchery; so I turned him down。The reason is simple, he and I are fundamentally not the way people。As a woman with the heart that the young bud stage is: Did I do not want to do the kind of thing?But I was clear: He is that one can easily and any woman who can do such a thing。The reason I keep in touch with him but also would like to hear the accent, would like to learn more about changes in home; let empty heart gets filled。What am I and he?At best, but a friend just chat。Frankly: I want to dedicate people, he must be a man of my heart。He never did not let my heart for him too, so he did not have this qualification。However, Liu two still to come, the arrival of my face and Liu avoided。    The depths of winter small city ah!Wind still so brazenly shouted, lonely that I braved the biting cold wind aimlessly in the city Guangzhao。I look forward to my heart of man, and this will allow me to whom he was in the heart of man where it?Wind still mad dance, I'm still in the trot, how I did not dare go back to my rental; more impossible to face the wishful thinking and Liu。    Suddenly a middle-aged man was guarding his starched bookstall, from afar it looks very handsome in the street downtown, when I was watching him that moment, I found that he also competing threw me from time to time I look at his eyes。what!When his eyes and my eyes met again, my body is like a kilowatt electric current in the shuttle; my heart the first time he was suddenly vibrate, and my heart danced in the pound, while the feet are involuntarily toward him; he was like a magnet sucked me tightly to his side……    I can not help but approached his bookstall, he examined me intently again, he did not tell me a word, his eyes very close and; he then stared at me a long time。what!He in the end is what kind of man can escape from my heart, my body sucked his side?I never knew him to die, why do I see the heart beat faster he can not help it?Is he what I have been looking for the right man?I thought, would not it……    I had read and mood, may I make just this undertaking of his life once the heart of man, his bearing had to let me pursue fame and fortune, the pursuit of perfection vanity again rekindled。Although he did not say anything, but he seems to have been with his pair of eyes looking at me talking, I seem to read his heart from his pair of talking gaze; he seemed to have already seen through me at this time the inner world。The strength of his pair of eyes sucked me, and I was finally captured the man's charm。    The depths of winter the north wind had people wandering roll back every alley, he does not talk to me; I could not control myself to some。I said:“The boss do you rent books?”He shook his head, it looks like he has no interest in book rentals。I do not quite convinced,“This book is the boss you how to sell?”He finally spoke, thought, he could get a nice standard Southern accent。“Girl, books are cheap, you pick it。”