Fear Acacia, Acacia has, dust dream wake, Acacia dash.Acacia no place to turn to resign, eyebrows reveal a trace of sadness.Huazipiaoling artesian water, an Acacia Xianchou.This situation no account can be removed only under the brow, but our hearts.Bale.Bale, this spring, will read to temporarily bury my heart, turn fingertips.— text: fences sparsely world of feeling, in the end is how ah!Innumerable twists and turns, you miss me, I miss you, you love me wrong, I was wrong to love you, love, maybe really is a typhoon, a heartbreaking violence!I hate, but also a love of.Acacia is a man lost.And more prosperous things will wither.The love is the case, a owed another.People only one heart, love, can only belong to one person.There are a variety of heartbreak in the world, but none more than the broken lover’s heartbreaking, really struggle to meet as seen, love does not seem like heartless.The original years can be precipitated everything, so then hate, then lingering death, it has now turned it into a clear sky.    Zen Saying: flowers for the season, the flowers for reincarnation, Love is not causal, edge destined to death, as long as the heart frankly, would have no regrets.All sorts of life are all causal past life, but also of love or a catastrophe Road unclear, only nostalgia for a past life, only for the afterlife goodbye, life after life cycle, this life, you are doomed I left in the heart of the Red earthly frustration, wasted time in the years fade away, elegance is a mean flow of sand, old is a Love, life, hate hate, I saw you too late, the leading edge of dust lingering matter of loving tired already completed short strands of my brow fine lines, and built carved into the depths of my heart it is difficult to escape the shackles, can not stay away from regret, regret a few times, how worthy smile, looking at you handsome forehead, as if the room, I seem to have a thousand years old.    Acacia lengthy sway endless promises of past lives, but a line of Tears through years of paper.Across the horizon, separated by mountains and rivers, but also how much we drank sea, how many joys and sorrows of the year in order to turn back the old days.To ask how much the Red thing, Qing Yin abide by the moon in.Everything is final edge, everything is predestined.My heart is a city that has always lived in town I’m a person elusive, his life, My fortune, not of my life, as a stab in the heart, do not want to pull out, so pain, but do not want to awake, unwilling to let go.I can not say free and easy wave of the sleeves, do not take a cloud, because I can not do it calmly, if it can be so calm, so what is love, I have found a dream for many years, after all, it was only a dream.    Earthly way, I tell fleeting youth with a heavy paper, if this life you and I just missed the dance, break a negligent meet unexpectedly rain, as you dress up for the return of embellishment you sail away.A yearning heart, Su Jian at a party in the ice, a lapel Bingqing thoughts in the season can only walk in, forbear, depression.If the solution Acacia Italy falling, that the wind off the touch of reddish, can also stains my mind?    Red a case, robbery edge hangs in the balance.In the most delicate heart, I suddenly remembered you, you look back a care, my tears with a smile, then on, then you mark territory, nowhere to run.Between reincarnation, has been changed, the once dry years of love affair, the original picture is still, warm Quefei yesterday, to this day, leaving empty cry sigh, sigh fragmented pieces together do not return to the old days, sigh tears Wang Chuan is not the end arrived in the beginning of the Red makeup.Red Miao Miao, the best scenery everywhere downtown, the cycle of seasons, only to provoke Youmeng empty sadness, I stood in the corner and the years of the Red drink, drank a cup of past life love, life edge drank a cup, drank a cup of sweet and sour and bitter and , drank a cup of joys and sorrows and clutch, glass after glass, Bei Bei is heart-breaking cold.    Red tears, unfortunately, hold the meet a cohesive front, but can not hold the end of time, many, watery trace today, in the world for several years, fingertips smoke, Ming Xi He Xi, Jun has been a stranger, carrying lofty roots tears, only to pay a Ru Enron wind flying sand, it was busy falling how many people, if you have swept hair, I affectionately call, whether in exchange for your life rub shoulders, and I had kneeling before the Buddha put your name in the hearts of meditation a thousand times., Several world sad and some affinity, such as poly edge scattered edge, eventually became busy sad past, doors mind tap.Stacked rolls of dry Acacia deep in my mind, a Qingchou nowhere Yilan busy watching falling all over the floor.Earthly hope for a flashy, noisy at the clouds, is from a bloom and wither, often thought it would be painful for flowers?Whispering you cry?Perhaps, this is the flowers bloom and reincarnation can not look through the bonds of flowers, only to fall and open, or that the flowers will open, which is perhaps the reincarnation of fate.Season title could not waves, wind lays out a shirt, wrapped bonds of painted.Light stick corner clothes years, Angela grips, children spend promise, since the inner and outer swirls Red.This heart this life, I do not abandon your thoughts.You live the dream Qing, Zhang Xiangshou life after life.    In fact, a lot of text, written by people understand, look, maybe understand, perhaps confused.We this is in someone else’s text, read his mood, feeling their feelings Bale.Many words, perhaps writing for people who are not necessarily understand, time goes sandstorms years fade away, then the clouds and wind at that time, but also how it can clearly be reproduced?Many words, perhaps meaningless, but recording time, recording joys and sorrows, that’s all.Quiet time, my mood too quiet.    Hear a quiet night voiceless, dwelling in the text of the castle, breathe freely own, freely unwind.Pick up a pen to write the phrase transparent friend.This night, a long time, his thoughts are also long,.I heard the voice of the rotation time.Only a land of quiet.Also, thoughts.    Month earthly, or that ancient old scene and heavy debris light twist of time, watching the years roll up dust, a grain of sand, a quiet, also an earthly flies.See through, time flies like water when the dust misty, a turn Looking back, drunk on wine episode, Longqi ideas.At this moment, the start and had to stand in the corner of the earth, not sad not happy holding Andu heart, quietly waiting for the release of the soul Whispering, see reincarnation always, from beginning to end.Enron, calm.    A broken strings.Fair and dust, lonely flick, Acacia thin, fat leisure.