Darling Harbor, Sydney, is a really great venues with fireworks.That circular quay encircling the entire harbor, Shidao many locations, you can pitch a dazzling fireworks.Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of different ways, under different circumstances, at Darling Harbor to watch fireworks, really have their own interest, their own feelings.    Once in Darling Harbor hotel’s rooftop restaurant, enjoy a dinner while watching fireworks.From the French windows of the restaurant looked out, broad vision, Darling Harbor, the whole spectacular view.Bright moonlight night, seaports as a mirror, reflecting the distance of neon, colorful and eye-catching sky fireworks, reflect each other, is really beautiful, bringing about.    The first watch in the luxury yacht.Intensive explosions, overhead blasting; the sky bright colored rain, we will be enveloped them, cut off from the outside world, as if sitting in dreamland, totally forget that the world is what the World.    Once in Darling Harbor meeting room, listening to lectures Master Hsing Yun.My seat happened to close the windows, you can watch the entire Darling Harbor.When the Grand Master Disclosure is completed, the window suddenly heard the sound of explosions while banging bumper, suddenly set off colorful Huayu.Master kindly smile in the window, it is full of hi France; dazzling fireworks out the window, it is gorgeous pleasing.In these circumstances, it is another delight.    What I love most is to standing ring waterfront pier, in the crowd watching the fireworks, when each flower fireworks exploded in the sky, waves of cheers came from all directions, especially lively atmosphere, it could not help elated.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) and the most memorable time, this time should be regarded as a; because the watch is with a group of disabled children.The large number of night to watch the fireworks, but not crowded.We are near the corner of the playground, holding hands in a circle, looking at the night sky, looking forward to the first flower fireworks bloom in the air.    Suddenly “touch!bump!bump!”Three acoustic noise, coming from the sky, all of a sudden screams everywhere, fireworks night, so be kicked off.    The fireworks display is what I’ve seen, is the most beautiful time.Each of the flash, various colorful flowers and color magic into the air; golden, silver and that that blossoming blue, then white, then purple braid on a robe, that bright red, turned into a variety of patterns absolutely Korea.And each degree of Shilin, have brought to this group of children with disabilities surprise, surprise, exclaimed.They all sorts of gestures<手语是残障儿童的共同言语>Pass hearts the joy of each other.The kind of waving hands and fingers from the palm overflow, the sound is the sound of joy surprise!    Ugh!Also what to expect?This fireworks display, just a short span of thirty minutes but left me a lot of beautiful memories.To this day, whenever I turn a blind eye trance, night scene, will vividly.At the moment, I deeply realize that the boundaries of the text.I do not know how to be able to aptly describe the night sky gorgeous; I do not know how to characterize that, when it was the degree of light passing group of children with disabilities face, they issued from the heart of that kind of innocent, pure kind of touch and genuine expression.    In fact, is it not they gorgeous fireworks blossoming, blooming on their face, is the world’s most precious pure friendship.They help each other, mutual encouragement and mutual love, to the perfect life from the incomplete.    Face of that string change my life, facing the blossoming of the innocent, I seem drunk in a dream; even in a dream, the dream is also not very touching scene of tears.    I believe they will, like me, will firmly remember that night Mantianhuayu.Those thoughts, touch and genuine and warm.It can be with a group of disabled children, destined to watch the fireworks together, enjoy the warmth under the night sky, enjoy the warmth of the kind of love and caring.Which strings of fireworks, scenes that scenario, is to teach people memorable.    children!OK, we make a wish together; meet next year, we meet together in Mantianhuayu!