”No good, I thought you were not happy to see you all day distracted.”
  Xin long micro not the nerve to say, this is because she is not familiar with these people, they are familiar with the original owner is gone, and she does not have much experience in dealing with boys, like nothing had happened could have been very easy to make, but also expect her with their arms around two brother okay?
  Finally finish it was already ten o’clock at night.
  Xin micro really admire these people for a long time, but also something more to say naughty one day, stay up all year round thanks to her gift, she can do is barely not to fall asleep, goofed by a group of people with.
  Xu Xianglin determined to send her back, she nodded, stopped a car to sit in.
  To the cell door, the guard speak out of turn asked her a few things about the other day that robber, Xu Xianglin a wrong, such as listening to the ins and outs of things, like the bottom of the pot black face.
  ”Slightly, such a big thing why do not you tell me?”Mingled with anger in his voice, and my heart is glad and fear.
  He would have thought her a girl, very long Zhou Zheng, a man too dangerous to live