”Tell Grandma, then you will be beaten it?”Lu Jianxun West lying on the back, tender voice ask.
  Lu Jianxun denied shaking his head, “Of course not, I hit the tofu is to win a pencil, is a good thing for our family, you do not think about it, our family every year to buy the book and pen how much it costs, it could save a little bit of course, you will not hit me milk.”
  ”Why can not my grandmother said?”
  ”No do not say, so after winning a lot pencil again, dried bean curd are not playing every day, win, lose, then would not it be humiliating?When I won a lot pencil and then told her that she would be pleased.”
  West did not believe him, but expressed willingness to keep secrets, so many people play school, Lu Jianxun play it should be no problem.
  They reached a c北京风月会所onsensus, no home and Xue Huahua said, but added the Sun teacher engaged in specialization, the student discriminatory thing to say, “I see a lot smaller than primary school teacher Xuemei sister-in-law, mother, and the founding of the tertiary reaction, he worked so hard to save money to send wanderers reading than teachers a raise, teach poor wanderers to go home, so that will teach people to.”
  Lu Jianxun look at the issue is very simple, no diamond do not embrace porcelain live, Lu Jianguo live are allocated according to individual circumstances, the school should be, too, even let FENGGU rural commune of intellectuals round the teachers to do.
  ”You think you Jianguo commune cadres, it is t?This kind of thing to find commune cadres reaction, you think as you say easy?Tomorrow I’ll ask the captain what circumstances, a primary南宁桑拿 school teacher you really want that, we have to find cadres reaction, when necessary, the county had to go looking for leadership.”West must not put into the hands of the teacher’s mind is not correct.
  ”Mom, Sissy good teacher, I asked Liu Dabao them, West junior high school language teacher, the principal hired from the factory, math teacher commune cad