Beijing on March 1, the Rockets to 105-92 victory over the Clippers on the road。 Rockets starting center Clint – Kapei La 33 minutes, 14 shots 9, 22 points, plus 14 rebounds, 8 rebounds, 2 steals。   The game, Kapei La alignment of the small Jordan, the characteristics of the two centers are similar, height and arm length, athletic ability, and especially good to empty。   After the start of the game, Kapei La pre-emptive strike, relying on a combination of bulb to feed the ball, Kapei La consecutive scoring opportunities。   The first 10 minutes and 41 seconds left, and Harden hit a Kapei La screens, and then along the Kapei La, empty then dunk assists Harden。   Section 9 minute left, Paul pass empty cut the basket Kapei La, Kapei La flashed Harris, then dunk under the watchful eye of the small Jordan。   Section 3 minutes left, Kapei La Clippers face of three defensive players in the basket, only to grab the ball, and the completion of a dry pull onions dunks with both hands, lit the entire Rockets bench。
  The first half, the Rockets big lead the Clippers, while Kapei La significantly suppressed the small Jordan, to give him nine shots in 612 minutes, plus 5 rebounds。
3, Jordan 2 minutes to give a vote。
  To limit may be inside the rocket attack, the Clippers selected evolutions in the second half, let into the starting Harel。
Face inside combination, Jordan and Harel, unlike the first half, then played Kapei La Shun。
The third, he only voted to score a goal。
  8 minute left in the fourth quarter, Kapei La thrown Paul received the "cake" in the fast break and dunks to complete a。 After 2 minutes, Kapei La in the basket facing the small Jordan hit a left-handed hook shot。   Match, Kapei La 9 14 shots, 22 points, plus 14 rebounds, 8 rebounds, 2 steals。
In the small Jordan and confrontation, Kapei La gained the upper hand。
If Kapei La has been able to have such a performance, the Rockets why should they catch the little Jordan?  (Rosen) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。