Time after time, your shadow appears a dream, it seems so near, and yet people can not touch。Really very beautiful dream, but the dream will eventually wake up, the oncoming sun, reminding myself about to set off a new day。Like a person, not wrong, but also do not like to lose out even self。Looking at other people's joys and sorrows, taste the love story with others, how I wish to have a beautiful love story but also for themselves and waited, allow themselves to be that other people envy the protagonist。A big crowd, for whom writing his bit by bit, but silently crying?If one day you see these lonely characters, and more hope that moment, sad words touch your heart, make you listen to these words in silence deep in the story。One day, everything will be achieved, in the blue sky and clouds flowing beneath。Will for your smiles and effort, but, in your heart, but also had been the man's shadow?Like a person, who can not see over the sunrise and sunset, and the other hand, why not put the kind of frustration and melancholy, memories of precipitation in wooden box inside, locked into their hearts?Not, perhaps, always the best, too deliberate to pursue, but lost one of the most beautiful and simple。Feeling of my heart, as the years go if also timeless, let it better to stay in the first bar!I do not want to forget, can not forget, why should self-deception?Geer Tai There was a poem, so beautiful Dongche people, was so fascinated people。“Sky, leaving no trace of wings, but I have flown。”Perhaps your inner world are the most vulnerable, they would not easily let it down, frosty as ever。Try to think about trying to get close to your world, believe that one day, you'll see everything and do it for you。You seem to mind the feeling has become a habit。How I want to hold you by the hand, but between us, but never paddled a line, but the more we have a community。Even if we all know what that means。How many people, in the name of a friend silently in love with another person?Miss, does not mean that will always be lost, perhaps one day in the future, the two meet by chance somewhere in the corner, staring at each other depending on the phase, but also a fate of reincarnation。The initial emotion, always the most beautiful, and most hazy。Love, these two charming words, what worth is it crazy to what extent?People whom tears, whom sentimental, the more cherished。I love you, nothing to do with the years, has nothing to do with perseverance, so that feelings in my heart。A love letter to yourself, not affectionate, not moving, just want to give yourself a reason in the future continue to love down。In the last letter, and you just want to say: I'll wait for you。 Author QQ: 275912205