Life, let me put down my posture and feel the spirits active in the sun. When we are confused and follow others shouting’ Times are advancing’, who can really put down his attitude and ambition, and when he gets up in the morning, go to the place where you live to see the growth of grass and the dew that sticks to you.   I always feel that we seem to have lost something, not an individual, but the whole nation.   Thank God for giving me an active heart, and letting it beat and send me a real message, so that I can keep thinking attitude in many programmed, integrated and standardized living environments..   One kind of nature, one kind of respect for life, one kind of intense thirst for knowledge, one kind of respect for great writers, makes me willing to lower my head and let me learn to stoop down to live with the people around me and listen to and share their life perception..   The sun rises as usual, just as we have to live every day.   We always shout that knowledge can’t be confined and mind can’t be confined, but we do the same thing with a unified thought.. We are worried about whether the nation can keep its vitality and vigor, but we are doing the opposite to make it lose its vitality and vigor.. At ordinary times, we always laugh at those who put knowledge’ on the shelf’, but work lets us tie ourselves to the shelf, not just our knowledge.   I appreciate what a philosopher said: everything comes from the flow. Rivers, clouds and smoke show their gorgeous posture in the flow. While watching the sky change, we should also look down and think about whether the spring water in our hearts is still flowing. Don’t forget, the active elves – their respective lives, their joys and sorrows, will always be the space for us to lower our heads and think and explore forever..