Looking at the pizza in my hand, I swallowed and couldn’t bear to eat it at all. This Chengcheng Huang thing is really popular. It’s like a piece of ripe rice with an attractive aroma.. I am like a hard-working farmer, happy to feel the joy of harvest. Close to the pizza, an intoxicating aroma mixed with meat, milk, bean and so on went straight into the nostrils and breathed deeply into the heart. I took a deep breath and did not give up a trace of fragrance. I really love this pizza because it embodies my daughter’s heart. Looking at this tempting pizza, I am delighted to know that the graceful daughter is not only grown up but also sensible.     My daughter is fourteen years old this year. Today is her birthday. As early as more than a month ago, my daughter was surprised to find that her birthday was the first Sunday after the mid-term exam. After the end of the tense mid-term exam, I should have relaxed and relaxed. What’s more, it happened to be my birthday, the most important day of the year in my daughter’s eyes.. Therefore, the popular daughter planned to invite several well-connected classmates to celebrate her birthday early. The daughter’s plan is very much Zhou Xiang, who goes shopping, shopping, visiting the garden and having a candlelight dinner with her friends.. Perhaps, in the daughter’s small head, such a birthday is the happiest. Listening to my daughter’s plan, my heart was stuffy: why did my daughter forget us? Without parents, where did she come from?! But I didn’t say anything, as long as the child is happy on his birthday!     Hope, hope, daughter’s birthday finally arrived.     Just after lunch, her daughter couldn’t wait to put on her beautiful clothes and carry her beautiful little handbags – this was her father’s birthday gift just yesterday, and she went with her friends, leaving me and her father alone at home. I was so lost that I lay speechless on the sofa, staring straight at the ceiling, motionless.     Once upon a time, my daughter was still a little girl, sticking to me every day, like maltose. No matter where she went, she followed me fart after fart, crying when she didn’t see me, pitifully! Sometimes I got tired of following her. I threatened to sell her if she followed me again. She listened to her and looked at me timidly and hid quietly, but she followed me secretly before I took two steps.. I can’t and can’t bear to get rid of this little tail! At that time, how I hoped my daughter would grow up quickly so that I could let go of my hand and fly alone in the blue sky, so that I could be happy and free without any encumbrance.. But now the grown-up daughter took to the streets with her classmates. Play with friends. The increasingly full-fledged daughter already does not need my help.. I was so lost that the melancholy ripples in my heart swung round and round.. Once upon a time, the toddler’s daughter, facing the birthday candle I lit for her in the dark night and the big blue sky-like clear eyes, flashed with infinite surprise, joy and perhaps a little fear, just like a child who just walked out of a mountain village, facing the bustling city with too many eyes, was novel, excited and even at a loss.. A small cake, let daughter so satisfied. My heart ached for a while. I can only secretly blame myself for my incompetence and can’t create a bigger surprise and a better life for my daughter.. But the daughter did not realize that in her young heart, her parents were her world and all her. But now. ” Mom,” in the evening, her daughter came back. She must have had a good time.. I’m too lazy to answer this guy who doesn’t know filial piety! ‘ mom, this is for you. ‘ daughter yang yang yang hand bag. ‘ What is it? ‘ I’m listless. ” pizza, here you are,” the daughter continued affectionately, ” thank you, mom! I know my birthday is your good Friday! My eyes are moist: my daughter has me in her heart and she has not forgotten me!     Looking at the graceful daughter, I am very pleased: the daughter has grown up and is sensible!     I took a bite of pizza gently, and I was sweet to the bottom of my heart.