The night was quiet, the wind was blowing gently, and the air was mixed with tiny dust. I had been looking forward to the heavy rain, which was almost an extravagant hope.. So we have to open the window and pull the curtains to avoid dust drifting in. Even so, I still like the night very much. I always feel that the night is sentimental. I can put wings on my imagination and let my thoughts surge and float in the sky, so that my wandering heart can truly belong to me and relieve tension and busyness…     During the day, I received a phone call to talk about all kinds of troubles encountered in marriage and the relationship between me and my colleagues at work.. This is not the first time that such a problem has been rambled about. Many things do not only depend on the crutches of others.. I would like to say to him: Can you not be a person who drags people down? Friends can sometimes rely on this kind of dependence on the road, but if it has already overwhelmed others, you’d better learn to walk on your own.. Moreover, many of the states of each person’s life are lonely at first, and not everything depends on external forces. If you can’t get along with yourself, how can you find a way to get along with all things? If you really can’t get rid of crutches, learn to fill some necessary nutrient solution for yourself, let yourself learn to accommodate and understand, and then let each other’s hearts feel a kind of warmth with long tenderness..     Open the web page and pop up a news item: a child of only 11 years old did not cry when he was dying of illness, nor did he play coquetry with his parents, brothers and sisters who were waiting around him day and night, but instead insisted on donating organs and bodies in the hope of saving more lives.. A flower – bone – flower – like child will go in a hurry before he can see the true nature of the world. Go to let a person heartache. However, he walked very magnanimously and without regret. At an early age, he could use his life to explain to the world what is true love and selfless dedication. Although his life is short, his unselfishness and great love have won the respect of the world.. Xiao Yao Yi is no longer just a child, but he has become a kind of spirit, a spirit enough to illuminate every corner of the world.. In this world, if there really is, I hope God can give life to Xiao Yao Yi again, so that this lovely life can see enough beautiful scenery and finish the good time in happiness..     In the vast world, people are just a reed grass in nature. Every move in life is a magic cube that can touch the soul. This is the most beautiful of human nature, a lofty spiritual realm, and a bundle of warm and beautiful winter sun that can make people feel warm and beautiful..     The night extends infinitely in reverie, creating a quiet beauty. In fact, many times, when we retreat under the shadow of gray, it is not really weak. That’s to protect yourself from harm. Human beings are a hybrid body, and many elements can be hidden in the body. Often humiliated for survival, greedy for desire and degenerated for losing hope. There are always some people who, when touching their own vital interests, will ease the contradiction by passing on the contradiction and crisis. He thinks that people all over the world are deaf and dumb, even blind. In the face of the present temptation to show off in an ostentatious manner like losing one’s soul, one always uses strong persistence to confront others, but often looks ugly. I don’t know this kind of appearance is really can let people obey? revere? Still disgusted?     In fact, the evil in people’s hearts sometimes indulge in encouragement, sometimes indulge in indulgence, sometimes escape from arrogance, without restraint and restraint. Of course, this common man’s recklessness will not matter whether it wins or loses, but when he looks back and calmly reflects, he finds that there is a lingering question of whether it is’ worth’ or not.. A lot of things don’t wait until they are done, just remember to cherish them.     On a midsummer night, the atmosphere of sincerity and freedom passed through the night sky, blending infinite possibilities and allowing people to indulge in deep thoughts and aftertaste.. I prefer to remember the past and look for the moving and beautiful memories in my recollection. Remembering the beautiful is the most beautiful element in my life, because it will become more beautiful through time and soak up a beauty that goes deep into the bone marrow..     We are all masters of our own lives on the hiking trail. I always play back my experience, past and life inadvertently.. Even if yesterday was spent in loneliness and loneliness, even if today is shrouded in disappointment and frustration, even if the process of winning loses the result, even if the flowers bloom and fade, the empty valley of life will have extraordinary echoes.. Thanks to the time, it has left many passes for our journey to warm yourself by stepping on your feet and pounding your chest, reviewing, looking up and making a self-righteous memorial, which warms the aging and astringency of the years..     Moved by the wonderful time of this moment, let all the mood reveries unfold, so quietly guarding the distance between ideal and reality, cherishing the feeling of life.. Thanks to the beauty of life, she makes our life full of vitality and splendor. Although the sun always hides a few gray shadows behind it, it is only a temporary shadow. Let the wind and rain shed light on the hustle and bustle of the world.!