1, waiting alone waiting for lost love back or is waiting for the unknown love waiting for love comes back your self-esteem will not let you go back to his pride took his face the unknown love Although you can forget the past but lumbering pace forward only waiting alone waiting for the moment vanished 2, across pairs separated by a river across a small town across the river through a long and arduous journey across the mountains across you and your distance across the sea from his doomed life miss the lost time waiting day and night sea journey of love will never fade 3, wonderful life because life touched by setbacks and wonderful life wonderful life is wonderful because of a dream life because of love and wonderful life because of you wonderful wonderful life because of me life is wonderful because we do what they think the right choice coming of spring depict life in the flat 4 wonderful, dedicated waiting at the full moon day of the moon waiting in the wind, the rain falls in the days of waiting waiting waiting for the coming of a season in a fairy tale ice is waiting for the autumn leaves are waiting for the sun is the earth is clear dawn waiting waiting waiting for a miracle in frustration in Waiting for a fairy tale in a happy continuation 5, enjoy each other Yuanfan appreciate also need to appreciate the appreciation is a kind of respect among persistent appreciation of the people of the sea surging alpine sunset to enjoy vigorous cypresses enjoy the sunset to enjoy the grass is gorgeous ivy a recognition appreciation is a virtue bit hard to enjoy life to the brilliant insights of the world 6, beautiful snowy winter thanks to the widespread feeling house music wafting soothing water orange lights bathed the whole room white as snow paper painted with the mood I’m in love with my leave to make you happy I do not regret it because you love is the kind of mood I will smile beautiful walk in the dark to reach out and feel the joy and 7 of snow, accompanied by the moon and stars accompanied by a lifetime will not be alone creek has accompanied the fish will not be lonely sky has not discouraged the birds accompanied the flowers butterflies companions will not miss bleak night there will not be accompanied by wives will not have a dark journey tired rain I would like to be your umbrella, I would like to be your voyage sails the dark I would like to be your lights to let me get through the night to look at the flowers put 8, endless endless thoughts thoughts water Expect it filled Danru springs miss fiery Xiongxiong Fei cold night burning Heart of Darkness miss looming dim lamp slightest wind blowing Xu Fei miss the rhythm of rain soaked the shadow single thin gray thoughts in mind flowery fragrance with beautiful scaled Korea soft face 9, eternal love, eternal love is not eternal love each other a lot of time but are willing to pay for each other all hope forever the moment is eternal love eternal love vows but not understanding each other’s hearts through joy and sorrow across the life and death you have me I have never betray you thousands of century 10, cherish the happiness is a warm winter sun happy bright lights dark happy laughter is a all kind of happiness is a blessing to cry in sad happy laughter everywhere in plain loneliness happiness everywhere in the spring will come again to swallow the flowers fade in the summer will be happy to open away never come back again cherish owned It is happiness