A touch of bright red hearts into tears green is shy at the beginning of the heart meet a core of you is great, full of incense in the summer of Allure dream I hid behind a flower smell as before you are jumping the notes on the staff clinging to life when a beautiful melody in your branches melodious dream, gently slipped into a trance Seduction, there Guqin rhythm sounds of nature sounds came from Tears of sadness rocked carved pillars and painted gallery of your co ancient Acacia will be infected with a touch of red fleeting shadow Some people say you osteoclasts beauty and style but I see a blossoming of Acacia cemented Qi Yan tears after your charm I see you I see you stop here Rouchang removed dripping Jisi the window a little bit of amnesia tears began blossoming bright red began knocking on the doors of that story about your story through time and space on the edge of the paper gently spread.2014,6,1