Part One: sunset bridge sunset is magnificent, but near dusk.Jiang Yu Zheng Chou night, the mountains smell partridge.If this sunset always remind people of the meaning sigh of injury, even if there is an infinite good views, but also no match Shaohua difficult long plaintive.Birds are facing the sky, thinking life ebb and flow, whine loudly, it is possible to evoke the hearts of inexplicable sadness.Memories can be misery, like a Spring River Flows East.When you are standing on the bridge when Li Yu sentence widespread unconsciously blurted out the words.  A little time, watching the sunset from the bridge.Not ten thousand rays, and no more than strong hero.Just quietly drift toward the far end of the past, blissful silence, no noise no trouble, I do not want to cause anyone’s attention, not because of other people watching stop motion.Zhuangzi Yun Song Rongzi “universally reputation of not add to persuade, not universally the non plus ju” is probably so be it.The river there is no rough, full of daring wins like, nor will there be forceful “stoning wear air, the great tide, the snow piled up a thousand,” the.But the two sides remaining in reed stroking under arbitrary power and prestige of something floating, reed under a stone shop in the river, piecemeal, scattered yet there is no law.River flowing slowly, occasionally slope after some relatively large areas, to mention speed, sliding past has returned after bland, like a doll gone through too much of the mountain, to take a break.  From the old bridge through the river is already after the “confluence” of the product, Standing on the bridge, you can see range upon range of mountains, at the end of heaven Yingyingchaochao.Misty, but not towering.Only two out of the mountain river that flows bring their breath, vaguely I do not care about nothing.God probably also like the principle of symmetry, as opposed to Jing, Wei two rivers in the north, here come two.It is said Jing, Wei one clear one cloud, so have entirely different idiom.And here is a muddy, to the old bridge was combined.But the world is not so-called intense struggle, when they are not far from the confluence of the old bridge, just slightly a lot of turmoil, then thinking the same goal, to continue the journey.Torpid, mountains and rivers still.  The number of the bridge this time gradually less, run over by a bicycle wheel, the rustle of movement can also drill into the ear.As for motorcycle, Shui, even if there is also eager to go home, whistling.Anyway, no one, naturally unbridled.Pedestrians usually walk on both sides of the bridge, considered a special sidewalk.Generally on both sides of the bridge will block up the class ladder seems to have become.We here is similar, except that in connection with the step deck, usually where a rectangular plane, while the old bridge is served either by the large water pipelines.When he was little like standing above balance exercise, in the end did not excel at, it will take some time to fall from above.I have the same hobby and a lot of people, so that the water (do not know is still not in use) always naked.This ancient heritage from generation to generation skills, no matter what time I came here, the kids will have a hilarious play on it.  Small time under the bridge there are a lot of interesting stuff when not in class took a bunch of people in there wandered.Not a millionaire, and very often they worked on the eye addiction.In the bridge at sunset, which is the junction of the bridge under the bridge, it would have some cheap things, such as books.At that time it seems, I bought a lot, but now basically only stay in the memory of.  Spring and autumn, summer and winter solstice.Year after year, the bridge seems sunset is so quiet and soothing.Slowly, perhaps there becomes a symbol, representing the family in mind wandering, representing peace.Time, always dilute the emotional world of.I think some things it might be eternal.  Accidentally saw a picture of the students, it still sunset stroll, she walked the bridge, to the twilight world is back.Hand swept the railing, wind, hair slightly float.Ponte Vecchio choose silence.    Part II: the bridge of the war, when the north wind blows, the home of bamboo and reed marshes on the flood, the goose is one of a Mao Yifei Yang.Bamboo and reed back swing, is a piece of vegetable is divided into different sizes.Before the advent of frost, harvest a vegetable garden is basically empty, now is the white one, except a gardener’s lodge, cold and desolate, the look deserted and cold on the vegetable garden.  This dense bamboo forest surrounded with a garden on the flood, has been the scene for several years.When the wind through the bamboo forest, as if there are millions of soldiers crowded, ambush deep in a bamboo forest, and that rushing sound Shasha, a moment not stopped.Surrounded by beaches and low-lying areas of bamboo forest, is a piece of a more vast scale of reeds, though long passed catkins flying season, but slow and turn around the reed marshes, the atmosphere is a Xiaosha.Reed wind shaking move, avalanche, flood is not on the whole a peaceful land.  This is a beginning of winter.Snow like a blanket of silence, before the real cold comes, the snow just to clear a field of action.Now, looking ahead, along the river beach of bamboo and reed marshes, across the river wheat on the ground, just have not seen snow of winter wheat seedling in those shallots and white, the vast lake on earth will be a few more blunt embellishment.  Free after dinner, and the darkness has not come, the children gathered in the village on a dirt road length of the bridge, looking at a string sprang from bamboo and reed marshes sparrows and gray bird, sleeves begin trance.Xiao Wu is my freshman aunt’s cousin, Top Five, is the smallest of a family, grow Hutouhunao.Few of us in front of the bridge bird watching, fifth bamboo Lin Lisa got into a urine.He Tizhaokuzi sauna net out of the bamboo forest, when you and I do not know how to row a passing car in a dispute.It is said, is a row of cars pulling to the people, swore swearing “day of his mother”, happens to be the fifth Tizhaokuzi heard this, they thought it was the curse that he, on the dry ton of bricks.  Pull the row of cars in the history of the brothers Chuang.In this case, the fifth and tall pull a cart with what people are theories.See, those two people are eager to get out to pull carts, uninterested.Because they know that this is the village head west ditch, they fight, suffer affirmation of their own.But it is because of the face and dignity, for the fifth provocative language, we have to maintain the necessary counter-attack, although they are cautious and counterattack minimum.  However, occupied the psychological and geographical advantage seems to be the fifth 得理不饶人, there is a feeling hard to sit there straight doorframe.His offensive provocation, making a war imminent.However, do not eat the immediate loss hero, pulling the row of cars of the brothers, ready to retreat.We see several people standing on the edge “second line” (lively), usually also I think these two people familiar pull a cart passing by, but no one stepped forward to stop provocations fifth.The two cars pull people think that bullying is fifth in front of people, so do not face it, he has uttered no sound and the fifth of curses.  Fifth assumed a dogged look, he single-handedly pulled the man’s handlebar, one hand waving, almost to the point of going on the tall man’s scalp.However, people pull a cart concession and himself, after all, is not a fight.On several occasions, almost necessary to fight the.But ultimately it is because the people pulling carts and leave it alone to calm down.  Noisy sound on this side of the bridge, I do not know where to disturb the fifth of San.He hastily ran over Huang Huang, a Chezhu has stood in silence for a long time the little man pull a cart, a fist hit in the man’s nose, not react small tall man pull a cart, the blood and the scream, sprayed out of a Bay.Skip the big man hurried to pull, and was the third brother fist to block back.For a time, the tussle and called condemning become confused and twisted as a group of eleven.This is not a close war, despite the beginning, fifth and third brother is not dominant in numbers, but we have to see these Honjo village of “second line” of people, “cheer”, it seems to be one up on reap the upper hand.And fight back and two people pulling carts, beginning passive fight, to be honest, only parry the force, there is no power to fight back.  Winter nights are long, and more are on the village idlers.Village head here and fight voice messages quickly go back to the village, but a fifth of Mahone Erleng child, relied on their own brothers and more, they are brothers, in this village there is no fear of what people, also not to mention two passers-Bushi Xiang.Mahone joined the battle of fists, soon the effort, the two shell-shocked people pull the car was knocked to the side of the road, which sounded miserable calls out enough to prove, fifth and his two brothers start time, how willing is strength.  The sky is completely rotten.Pull two people lying on the floor of the car issued a death groan like a chirping.It is also a ground row of cars were thrown into the ditch, the car several sacks filled with stuff all over the place also tear.  These two unfortunate people pull a cart, with no apparent reason to provoke the fifth, only to provoke this a flying unexpected calamity.  In fact, the history of the West Village ditch not far from us, which is two miles road work, and moreover to the home after the bridge, which is basically coming home.This is a unknown to the melee, accelerated this dark and cloudy night.Chuang got the news on the history, came more than a dozen large and small hole people, young and old men and a woman, crying day rush to leap out of the.The fight involved the other, fifth and his two brothers had already disappeared into the night arrogance of.Presumably historian village of the family, their home is to understand the fifth forces, so condemning them again and again in spite of, but did not want to go home, they rushed to the idea fifth thing.They clean up scattered on the ground sacks, were thrown from the ditch pushed to the ground row of cars, escorted two people were wounded in the carts, the biological mother grandma swore go.  This is a small-scale rural war, I was stunned to see.Almost all the sleeves begin to see the “second line” of people, no one to stop up and tried to mediate, it seems that this is a commonplace village game.In the two carts were knocked to the ground, and screaming, I heard the crowd and the sound of Oh sigh, but no one brave enough to stand up, with the conscience of a fair remark.Perhaps conscience which sounded Duanhe years, already scared out of it!Well the truth of it?Truth really is those brandishing fists and called condemning it?Whether it is the fifth or third brother Mahone, they ran from the village out of the war, when, in addition to bawl mouth, I did not hear them ask questions to the people who live voice.Yes, they have no reason to ask this of a conflict, or they are too late to bother to find out about the reason of things, they just fight for the family and kinship, even these can be understood as a teenager in the night, what this does not exist rural rule of justice and equity.