For various reasons, reading for junior high school sophomore was forced to drop out of school, after school until retirement to regain his own wish.58-year-old college entrance examination in the standings, 62-year-old college graduate, 67-year-old, she began to prepare for this year’s postgraduate examination.She is a grandmother who lives in the country’s Far Binhai New Area, is a model for our students.Positive candidates voluntary reporting occasion, Far country as university graduates, asked the young man to go to college to know how to self-discipline, correct attitude towards learning, responsible for their own.Reading is from small to big dreams sixties people still going to college, graduate exams, which in the eyes of many is an incredible thing.However, Far country has told reporters that it was her wish for many years, it is to go to school to pursue her life.In mid-1948, Far country born in a scholarly family Tianjin Tanggu family.Her father and mother went to school, uncle and aunt are all college students.Affected families, Far country had a habit of reading and learning.Child, parents are busy working on her own to read, read books at home, elementary school graduation, she had read the complete works of Lu Xun.From elementary school to junior high school, academic performance has been among the best Far country, school is very good memories.However, influenced by the family environment and the social environment, read the first two days when the Far country was forced to drop out of school.After the rest at home for a few months, she was assigned to work in Tianjin Electronic Instrument Factory.After you get married, have children, and lived a life like everyone else.Now the children more than happy ah, college entrance examination for everyone is equal, as long as you study hard, you will have the opportunity to university.Far country very envious of today’s young people a good time to catch up.After dropping out of school, Far country has not forgotten the dream of reading.During the Tianjin Electronic Instrument Factory work, Far country seize every opportunity to learn, to participate in various training seminars, factory workers she is notoriously good reading.After the restoration of the adult college entrance examination, 1985 Far from country to score exams.In 1989, Far country successfully obtained a college diploma.58-year-old to get university admission notice in 2003, when the newspaper learned Far country, Nanjing Medical College admitted a 72-year-old.It made her very excited, multi-understand she knew, since 2001, the country has liberalized the restrictions on the college entrance examination age.University of childhood dream finally broke out.She moved to the University wanted to test own ideas speak with his family, but his family does not support her.Family knew unyielding temper Far country, but because she had congenital heart disease, high blood pressure, medication every day to maintain, if the university entrance exam have to invest time and effort, even if the young people will have the pressure, not to mention a nearly sixty people do.However, Far country despite opposition from his family, his alma mater to find a Tanggu, learn together from high school and first grade children.For Far country, the history, geography, mathematics and other disciplines have come in handy, for her, the most difficult is English.Thus, during high school, she paid more than the children’s efforts.After three years of studying hard, Far country to take the exam, then the exam 388 points, was admitted KUNMING UNIVERSITY.But when the report to the school because of apparent altitude sickness had applied for withdrawal.However, Far country Afterward, decided to repeat.In 2008, she was admitted to the World Trade Professional Institute of Light Industry, Hebei United University.Get the admission notice of that moment, Far country feel further away from their dreams of finally.In order to study the new target after college in the morning, Far country’s vision of a more open.In addition to the classroom every day, Far country often soak in the university library.University for four years, she did not hanging branches, and so far has been in the top ten in the class of 26 students.Graduate, Far country also won the title of outstanding college graduates in Hebei Province.University life is not just learning, Far country and also young students together to see idol, together Taobao together to participate in a variety of school club activities.Soon four years of college life is over, Far country have their own new goals, she decided to study section.Postgraduate examinations intercept a lot of college students have a dream, too, Far country PubMed also encountered many difficulties.Specialized few very poor, there is no standard English.PubMed failed, Far country but never throw in the towel.I did not plan to test again next year.Far country said firmly.Now, Far country as they do this year to prepare graduate exam.This year she was ready to apply for vocational and technical education professional Tianjin Normal University, in order to allow all subjects improve, Far country spend a lot of time to learn every day.Because during the day to take care of the family, she would go over every day after dinner, she often sat at the table reading the morning until two or three o’clock.English is my weakness, but something was needed all subjects are passing, so every day I set for myself the goal is to recite the words, the accumulation of vocabulary constantly break.Talking about his study program, Far country very confident.Young people should cherish the good times this year, the Far country’s 67-year-old, and her age who care for their children or help their children every day, playing mahjong or wasted years.Compared to them, Far country feel that their life is very meaningful, valuable.I do not think the age is an obstacle, as long as there is a willing heart to learn, ‘worthiness’ is a blessing.Far country told reporters that she was still coaching several high school students, their own learning experience unreservedly these years to teach children.Far country told reporters, just like a child when he was learning from junior high school, the two men chatted about learning just as close friends as.Now, the child has successfully passed the first secondary school in Tanggu, but also among the best academic performance.See her tutoring children whose grades improve, Far country than he admitted to always feel good grades are also pleased.After the college entrance examination this year, candidates are gradually voluntary reporting, these children will be in September this year, he stepped into the campus.Far owned many children want to say the truth, learning life of the University and high school different, totally needs of students self-discipline, so before college, children should change their attitude.Far country, said many students think that college is equivalent to a daily drink can, because no one is forced to learn, no exam stress.In fact, the University of active learning knowledge is required in order to have the harvest.Far country, said she was at university saw some young men often skipping around playing games, instant graduated from college in vain abandoned good time.However, there are some students on campus learning opportunities to grasp, give yourself laid a good life.Youth, have such a good study environment, young people should cherish.Far country personally witnessed the life-long learning and self-reliance spirit, her actions also affect young people around a batch of strong first dream.