[Feeling both Guoya Jie or Miu Miu, say makes sense]
  [I support Guoya Jie Tao Man children and groats children, the environment so that you do not bow he can never expect to go higher]
  [Tao Man child is clearly despise Miu Miu, I think it is, you dare to plastic surgery, pretend pure ah]
  [I support Miu Miu, feeling she will not be the eldest born good, great idea, and fairies as]
  [Indeed, compared to those who are free to insult the artist, the status quo as a normal artist is the most terrible]
  [I say, and the environment is such that you want to change, impossible]
  [A person can not do it a hundred men ten thousand people, you can always change the environment]
  [Easy to say, the entertainment environment is how many people are out of practice with their lives, think about those suicide stars, you know how hard change]
  [Alas, getting more and more negative, and fortunately no fairy Road]
  [Malicious fairies receive in real life there are many ah]
  [World beauty of tolerance, but the cruel world but then beauty]
  [I, ah, I was responsive to beauty of fairy tolerance]
  [Entertainment environment is not so much artists gradually formed as a direct say this because most people desire to create bare red * made]
  [Entertainment is a big Vanity Fair, the people inside are for fame, naturally no hidden]
  [So it is human world of animals?]
  Ha ha ha [