Jia three sighed, a pair of chopsticks poked hard porridge bowl: “The recent wind tight, people staring at Mr. Lin, the storm had not come to Beijing in the flat, who knows the young master such a hurry, all can not wait ten day北京夜网s, insist now married, Lin did not know came up and get into trouble what circumstances.”
  He saw the Soviet Union pour eyes full of guilt, busy: “soul mate, not less strange – you worry, as long as you are a young master said Ms. Lin, you are Miss Lin, Xing Lin would not say half a word, a thousand do not be afraid Wan.”
  His voice was softly: “The soul mate, you do not blame us deceive you recognize this father and mother ancestors big thing, still have some caution, in case you want to give up, so you hope for ten days, met He said no, your heart is much more sad na.”
  Do not pour the Soviet Union to the hair behind the ears, head down, smiled and gently said: “I do not blame you.”

Chapter 22 bird branch Gordon (XIX)
  Sitting in the dining room, the Soviet Union was dumping attention outside the house that piece of vanill杭州桑拿洗浴a flower fields replanted roses, flowers maid is coming from there pick.
  Jia three explains: “Master do not like the taste of Japanese women leave, those vanilla all changed, the room also had a heavy equipment.”
  Pour Su asked: “two young master and the crane know it?”
  ”The two fine people, you have to worry about them?”Jia three curl one’s lip,” They are for the six concubine of longevity / cream, not white for, the possessor of six concubine, not afraid to fly horizon Master.This does not, it took two big Zhaizi, only then change back to six concubine.”
  What to say what is, and suddenly the upstairs maid da da ran down, his hands clasped in front of standing-Soviet tilt, softly whispered: “Madam, youngest concubine would like to call your past.”
  Pour a bit startled Su.Jia three said: “You do not smoke tobacco is not enough for her to take it, but also to Mrs. labor