Ironically, he did not forget how Qing-own, off now, and he left a people like him, he gave him such a right a person.
  Today the bell is in charge of sixth-grade teacher, two minutes before he rang the bell, see if there is an unfamiliar face chat in the office and principal, thought it was a new teacher, school students enrolled in the past two years and more, especially in the lower grades, each classes almost sixty or seventy people, a mathematics teacher in charge of the language are they busy, plus there are two female teacher married pregnant stand high-intensity work to go home, half are you will not find a teacher.
  However he stepped into the door, then heard Lu Jianxun, a friendly face in the face of stiff smile.
  Lu Jianxun polite and greeted his class went 杭州桑拿洗浴to Liu Po is located, two minutes, the classroom had gone more than half, and the rest are playing tofu, Lu Jianxun Liu Dabao, etc., go cc class took people back to the classroom, out of the land of rock tofu, joined the battle.
  The moment he just wanted to fill our minds with how to win, where some remember what they said in the office.
  Honestly, spank tofu is not the same, he saw the two in the next, thanks to Finger Guessing Game win, otherwise most likely did not wait until their order to the cleaners.
  Tofu playing a total of five people, all boys, tofu on the ground, Guessing Game decide who should and who, Lu Jianxun good luck, is the first of a dozen people, the floor of the four tofu are stamped yet step on, dusty and very flat tread, he first observed four tofu to close gaps, pick up a gap from the ground tofu play, firs广州桑拿t gestures posture over the tofu, deliberately very hard shoot down.
  Popping sound, tofu is turned face up.
  He won a.
  Lost tofu students eyes suddenly become Yinhen up, Lu Jianxun stamped her foot and motioned him to retake the tofu down, people can continue to win until the tofu on the ground until the plane 北京水磨会所did not turn, just embarked on a win, he was not p