Risk capital may provide 500 billion incremental funds for A shares this year, and some targets are favored
The original title of the Securities Daily: Insurance funds may provide 500 billion incremental funds 西安耍耍网 for A shares this year. Which of these targets are favored?  With policy encouragement and support, this year’s social security, insurance, pension and other medium- and long-term funds will be accelerated into the market. For insurance funds only, experts estimate that the amount of incremental funds flowing into A shares in 2020 may reach 500 billion US dollars.  Yan Qingmin, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at a press conference of the State Council ‘s joint prevention and control mechanism for the response to the new coronavirus infection and pneumonia epidemic on February 15.The implementation of comprehensive deepening reforms in the capital market has been implemented to better support the development of the real economy.Actively develop medium and long-term funding sources, further increase the proportion of equity funds, expand pilot projects for public fund investment and advisory business, encourage and support the entry of social security, insurance, pensions and other medium and long-term funds into the market, and promote the policy of personal pension disposal deferred account investment public fundsLanding.  ”Long-term funds entering the stock market are conducive to increasing stock market liquidity and promoting market value investment concepts.”Tao Jin, a senior official of the Suning Institute of Finance, told a reporter of the Securities Daily that encouraging and supporting social security, insurance, pensions and other medium- and long-term funds to enter the securities are in line with market laws.At present, long-term funds of major countries in the world are actively investing in capital markets to maintain value and increase value.For example, pension payments are under pressure, and encouraging pensions to enter the stock market as soon as possible to improve yields is an important means of preserving and increasing value.  Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, told the Securities Daily reporter that the function of the capital market is to provide financing support for enterprises.Developing a multi-level capital market, engaging in living micro-subjects, and providing financial support from this development is the key to stable economic development and achieving the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.To invigorate the market, it is necessary to actively guide the entry of medium and long-term funds into the market and provide core power for the stable development of the capital market.  Guo Yiming, director of investment advisory of Jufeng Investment Gu, told a reporter from Securities Daily that long-term funds pursue the safety of funds and stable profitability. Those industries with stable operations and good performance, such as small finance, medicine, and consumption, have fundamentally stable industries.The main target of long-term funds.  So, how many long-term incremental funds will A-shares usher in this year?It is said that Tan Kai, an analyst at Guangdong Kai Securities, estimates that the pension fund’s entry into the market in 2020 is expected to bring in nearly $ 130 billion in incremental funds: of which, basic pension insurance is $ 66 billion, social security funds are $ 37.6 billion, and enterprise annuities are $ 20 billion.  Regarding the incremental funds brought by insurance capital entering the market, Guo Yiming said that in 2020, with the trend of increasing the scale of insurance funds and the proportion of investment equity assets, based on the proportion of insurance capital entering the market in the past two years, it is estimated that insurance capital will flow into A shares in 2020.The scale of incremental funds is about 500 billion yuan.  In order to better play the role of long-term funds, Tao Jin said that the reorganization requires an orderly relaxation of restrictions on the entry of insurance funds into the stock market.From the current perspective, the proportion of insurance, pension, and social security funds entering the stock market is still expected to increase.At the same time, improving the assessment mechanism and accountability system will significantly stimulate the enthusiasm for stimulating long-term funds to enter the stock market.  Liu Xiangdong said that accelerating the introduction of medium- and long-term funds into the market will initially provide easier investment channels and targets for various types of funds. It is necessary to improve the entry and exit mechanism of the capital market, improve the protection system for small and medium investors, strengthen the management of information disclosure of listed companies, and improveIntensified punishment for fraudulent acts in accordance with laws and regulations.